School Years Book 2040 - Sicky Magazine 

Can you picture the future?

The future is like the illusion of a blur image that is getting more and more clear as the time goes by. An image that combines all the small images of our own lives. Those we live in and those we lived through. The future is about getting known what you don’t know according to what you already know. The future only exists in order to remind us that in the end what you you know is that you don’t know nothing. 

In 2040 the reality concerns the image. The image becomes a weapon, a motion, a tool, it becomes the medium that we can use in order to create or to distroy. In 2040 there are no countries, no cities, no buildings, no clothes. There are only digital glasses. You can design how you look, what you wear, where you live, what you see, where you go. In reality, in 2040 nothing exists but a blue background. 

The future is blue.

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